Fulltime Desks Start at $585 a month

Part time desks from $117 a month (for 1 day a week)


Connect with our community of like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers & consultants to expand your network and grow your business.  

o  24/7 Access via electronic pass (We hope you honour yourself enough to spend time away from work, but you give you 24/7 access for when you just have to get it done!)

o   Your own desk and ergonomic chair

o   A private set of drawers at your desk for your documents and business items

o   Hi-speed internet

o   Breakout spaces (both indoor and outdoor)

o   Discounted use of the meeting/training room

o   Coffee and a wide selection of teas (or just get out to one of the 4 cafes within 100m – Compound, The Caf, New Earth or Bean Head)


**Note: We are looking to build a community of energised and enthused businesses, so are not offering casual desks. If you are looking to use a desk for only a number of days each week (ie one to four days,) we do have plans to suit this. You still need to commit to using that desk for the same number of days each week, but all our plans are month to month, so if circumstances change you only need give 30 days notice. Using a desk this way starts at $27 per day.