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Professional workspace solutions in the heart of Coolum Beach.

We created Coastal Coworking to provide a space for people to work productively and connect in a vibrant and professional environment, whilst still living and working on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

If you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer craving the energy and inspiration of having lit up people around you every day, Coastal Coworking is an amazing place to grow your business, collaborate and build community.

We offer executive office suites (with offices from 2 to 6 people,) permanent desks (your own desk to setup as you want) and a meeting/training room.

With Coastal Coworking you get 24/7 access, super high speed internet, a great outdoor break-out space, an indoor chill space, kitchen, bathroom and shower facilities, a ‘call booth’ (for when you need privacy on that call), access to the meeting room as well as great coffee and a wide selection of herbal teas (in case you don’t want to walk to one of the 5 cafes within 100m.) We are also only a 10 minute drive to the regional airport.

Coastal Coworking is located in Coolum Beach, only a stone’s throw from the surf.


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executive office suites

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Offices Start from $1,200 per month


o   Private, lockable office, complete with desks, an ergonomic chair for each person

o   Shelving and drawers for each person.

o   24/7 Access via electronic passes

o   Meeting room time allocation (varies depending on size of your office.)

o   Hi-speed internet

o   Breakout spaces (both indoor and outdoor)

o   Coffee and a wide selection of teas (or just get out to one of the 4 cafes within 100m – Compound, The Caf, New Earth or Bean Head )



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Fulltime Desks Start at $585 a month

Part time desks from $117 a month (for 1 day a week)


Connect with our community of like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers & consultants to expand your network and grow your business.  

o  24/7 Access via electronic pass (We hope you honour yourself enough to spend time away from work, but you give you 24/7 access for when you just have to get it done!)

o   Your own desk and ergonomic chair

o   A private set of drawers at your desk for your documents and business items

o   Hi-speed internet

o   Breakout spaces (both indoor and outdoor)

o   Discounted use of the meeting/training room

o   Coffee and a wide selection of teas (or just get out to one of the 4 cafes within 100m – Compound, The Caf, New Earth or Bean Head)


**Note: We are looking to build a community of energised and enthused businesses, so are not offering casual desks. If you are looking to use a desk for only a number of days each week (ie one to four days,) we do have plans to suit this. You still need to commit to using that desk for the same number of days each week, but all our plans are month to month, so if circumstances change you only need give 30 days notice. Using a desk this way starts at $27 per day.


boardroom / training room

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We have a dedicated Meeting / Training Room that is setup in a Board Room style, but which can be adapted for your needs if you wish to hire it for a day or longer. It is available to our members at a discounted rate (all offices come with a monthly allocation of meeting room use for free. Permanent desk community who commit to 12 months also get a monthly allocation of meeting room use.)

The room is equipped with a 50” Ultra High Definition 4K TV equipped with Chromecast and HDMI cable and a floor to ceiling whiteboard wall. It has great natural lighting and is easily accessible off the main entry area, ideal for visiting clients or guests.

hire costs

Members Full day $197 Half day $112 Per hour $29 Evening $75 Saturday/Sunday $147

Non-Members Full day $263 Half day $149 Per hour N/A Evening $150 Saturday/Sunday $297

*Members are anyone who has an office or desk in the space. Minimum booking for non-members is half a day.


the founders


Craig Robinson is an Entrepreneur, Author and Advisor.

He grew up in Melbourne and has started and exited two businesses (one of which he remains the largest shareholder in – a commercial construction company employing over 100 staff.) He retired in 2015 at age 34 and moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2018. He has actively invested in a number of startups and runs My Advisory Board – coaching small businesses.

You can learn more about Craig here.


Nicola Swankie is a Scottish lass who studied computer science at the University of Glasgow.

She then found her calling in Marketing and moved to Australia in 2009. She pioneered social media marketing in Australia and in 2014 was headhunted to be Managing Director of one of the first specialised social agencies in Aus. In just 18 months she grew this to a team of 35 staff over 3 states. Nicola now consults to big brands predominately in Sydney and Melbourne.

She moved with Craig and their 2yo son, Xander, to the Sunshine Coast last year for the lifestyle it offers them. You can learn more about Nicola here or follow her on LinkedIn.




How good is your internet?

We have two ultra high speed (100/40mbps) internet connections and these have been tested as well above expected speed (we are 70m from the node.) We will have multiple wifi points, so no clogging on the modems from too many devices connecting. We recognise high speed internet is crticial to effective business and will install more internet connections if it is required.

Is there a minimum term for membership?

There is no minimum term, although you do need to provide at least 30 days notice if you ever decided to leave.

Do I get a discount if I commit to 12 months or longer?

Yes! If you are looking for a desk in our open plan space, you get a 10% discount for commiting to 12 months. For an office the discounts can be even greater depending on the term you are looking at. Call us to discuss your needs and we will see what we can do.

How much notice do I have to give if I want to move out?

We ask that you give us at least 30 days notice so that we can advertise and fill your space.

Can I switch to a bigger space as I grow?

Absolutely! That’s the brilliant thing about coworking. You can scale up (or down if you have to) as demands change.


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21 Heathfield Rd, Coolum Beach